My Singer 15K88 Sewing Machine

I have a Singer 15K88 Sewing Machine which I use regularly for various creative/repair tasks.

There are lots of interesting things in the drawers.

I have lots of fancy attachments:

Some old sewing machine needles.

And some oil.

I am not sure why the razors are in the sewing machine drawer, but they look old and neet.

There is also a green box.

What's inside?

Here is another box.

There is also lots of old thread.

And a guide.

Here are some stencils, and also some UMOs(Unidentified Metalic Objects)(According to Jenda they are for threading needles).

I'm not sure which thingamajig is used for threading needles. But I have the manual for it.

Do you want to repair some tights?

I have a tight repair attachment.

You can read the manual in Czech too if you like. There are lots of pretty pictures!

Note: Except for the manual pages(which are probably still Copyright Singer Corporation) everything shown here is released into the public domain :)) CC-0